How is gel polish different from regular nail polish?

  • One of the biggest benefits of gel nail polish is that it lasts much longer than regular nail polish! An average gel manicure can last up to 2 weeks without chipping. There is also zero drying time after doing your nails and once the gel is cured under the lamp your nails are instantly dry and you are fine to go about your day! Gel polish can also help strengthen your nails giving an extra layer of protection.

How do I apply gel polish?

  • If you are new to using gel polishes, allow yourself time (2-3 manicures) and practice when it comes to the application process. For a long lasting manicure, there are many tips and tricks that can make all the difference in a good application. Follow our nail application step-by-step tutorial where we mention some key tips!

How do I remove gel polish?

  • Our gel polish uses the "soak off" method. Follow our removal process tutorial to see step-by-step instructions on how to remove the gel polish safely with no damage to your natural nails.

Is your gel polish free of harmful ingredients?

  • Yes! All of our polishes are free of the 10 most harmful chemical ingredients commonly found in other gel polishes.

Why is House of Her a good alternative to getting your nails done at the salon?

  • Our House of Her founder used to get her nails done at the salon all the time - but the costs of appointments every 2-3 weeks added up and that's why we created this alternative. We provide you with all the tools and instructions to get the salon manicure at home with at a much more affordable price. Our Essentials Kit is equivalent to 2 salon visits - allowing you to have countless manis and pedis! We also love the idea of having a "self-care" moment while painting our nails or bringing it to your next girls night in!

Will I be charged duties and taxes for an order shipped outside of Canada?

  • Some of our products may be subject to duty payment depending on your country. If required, you will be responsible for paying the duties and taxes upon delivery. The shipping carrier may not deliver the package until payment.